It's time to parade the watch face designs for April 2016 past the public

It’s time to parade the watch face designs for April 2016 past the public by way of a new YouTube video:

Another great set of watch faces nicely sorted and served for us. I’m taking a part in all forums mentioned but looks like I missed some awesome skins. Got them all thanks to you. Watching the video had a hope to see one of mine creations but not this time. Maybe in a future haha :grinning:

I can’t thank you enough!!! God bells you mate :smiley:

What’s the link to your skins, Piotr? I’ll sweep it into May’s collection. I’m like the famous KFC joke when Colonel Sanders was asked, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” His reply, “What, I missed one?” – You gotta be familiar with Kentucky Fried Chicken, an American fast food chicken joint, to get it. Sorry to our International friends.

Hi, I have a no1 D5 smart watch. I have also watched all of your videos but none of them shows how to find the zip files or where the downloads are, to install the new watch faces e.g. Rolex,Omega etc .Please help Rod.

Oh, Rod! They are all listed in the show notes below each video on the SmartWatchTicks channel. Just tap on that “More” button in the video description and you’ll find the links.

Hi SmartWatch Ticks,
I really enjoy your videos. They’re instructive and fun to watch. Please let me know where I can download the “Ferrari” skins that appear in the April 2016 face designs. I can’t find them in the websites that you’ve indicated. Thanks.

They may have been pulled for copyright issues or the developer may have pulled them. If I find them I’ll give you the link. They were pretty cool skins!

where i can dowload guys the ferrari skins ?