It would be fantastic if we had these watches...!!!

It would be fantastic if we had these watches…!!!

Brand and model name? And a please?

It didn’t any refers to the deisgner anyhow,but I know the brand name of those wheels , its RAYS engineering. And yes ofcourse a grand Please to anybody that could create these faces!

wanted to make the blue orange one but no hq pictures on the internet. Thats a pitty i like that one. greets!

Hi i have made the clock for you !!!
But what do you like .
i can let the brake disk turn clockwise or counter clockwise.
and i can also let the wheel turn with the brake disk.
Or i can let it all be stand still.
Let me know…
missing/deleted image from Google+

I reckon let it stand still. How about adding a battery/steps/bpm on the spokes of the wheel?

I would recommend an original version and a version with battery etc. if no trouble for bricky

@bricky_vl this watch face is looking breautiful can’t wait to download it

@Brandon_Davis @ev_ka That is also a possibility. @Demetris_Gerasimou

Here is the final version :