it seems that the new D5+ and the x1+ and the x3+ are on

it seems that the new D5+ and the x1+ and the x3+ are on the market but as it turns out it is not for sale by the companies so be adviced to wait till september to be sure that they are:)

Watch out for these.
Hasn’t even been released yet. So my advice is wait a while. The very first batch are nearly always samples that should not really be sold to customers.

i’m crying
what is the battery capacity?

It will be the same as the original - some say 450mah. Be aware though - this watch has not yet reached release - if you buy now you will be waiting for a while and it will be one of the “first off the shelve” models.
My advice - let it be on sale for at least a few weeks so that “teething” problems come out in the wash.

so 450mah lol

the x3\k9 is also out but i’ll wait i want to make sure it is not like the other 5.1 watches i’ve seen Smartwatch Ticks videos and i liked the idea that we still can upload WF.

Yes - the X5+ - if it comes, will be the last cab off the rank.

did you notice the seller guarantees delivery within - wait for it - 60 days !!! ha ha - 3 months :slight_smile:

yep, that is why i’ll wait for more sellers and i want to see if the price will drop.

They have pulled it again for now. Not sure why though…

@sonia_sophie_ataunna can you take out the links to the vendor please?

Thanks Sonia :slight_smile: Sad that they don’t want to be part of our community anymore :frowning:
Well - they do - just don’t want to follow the rules …