It seems as if everyone has dropped off the face of the earth.  Has

It seems as if everyone has dropped off the face of the earth. Has there been no further development with various matters? I was wondering if someone could show us how to create watch face widgets with zooper so that we could also try and contribute to the community and not just depend on a selected few who have been working their butts off give us the solutions for face swapping. I found this image on the internet without hand markers. I worked on it in paint and gave it a black background (don’t know if this is the correct way) and removed the printed date. Can someone use this image to develop it into a watch face? Any help in showing us how to complete a watch face, with functioning hands and dates etc. is greatly appreciated.

@Manny_M hi Manny, It’s gone a bit quiet - but it goes a bit up and down like that sometimes…
Have you seen all the stuff Ken has been doing with Zooper? I think he is about to release a video about it.

@Manny_M here is a link to the post where the Olympic face is tagged

I think I saw you ask for this in Ken’s thread…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thanks, I got the Omega, I was asking for the Tag face Ken created. Cant seem to find that one

@Manny_M I see - have you tagged him? Try tagging him in a post to see if he’s around…

yeah, actually my KW88 has been in the drawer for about 2 weeks now. Really don’t know where to get information on upcoming software updates, or what they plan to do with the KW88. Makes me really regret getting it.

@Manny_M Sorry everyone, been busy with my day/night job as a photographer. didn’t have the time to respond.

Here’s the link to the revised version of the Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 :

You have to wait some more for the instruction video. I’m just busy out there earning my pay check.
Unfortunately there’s only 25 hours in a day.

@Kenneth_Tan that’s quite alright, I know that people have day jobs too (wish I didn’t). How difficult is it to actually create watch faces if you can find the faces? As mentioned above, if there is not a lot of graphic alterations then maybe we can also start making some. Thanks for the tag link!

You can make a simple watchface for zooper within 30 minutes. If you have all the graphic elements ready, then the only thing to do is program what the elements have to do on what trigger. That takes some learning, but there are enough samples. You could download a sample watch and look at the code of each element (you can click to that point in the Zooper editor).

I’ve just put up a Osprey V-22 clockface.
it was an existing design, but I needed to redesign the whole back-plate because it wasn’t included. The individual elements were present, but I enhanced them for more 3D effect. (Shadows, motion blur, lighting effects) That took me 2-3 hours.
Now I’m programming it, that is kinda slow, because the Zooper interface cannot match my speed I wan’t to program. I’s kinda sluggisch.

Just a tip. design at 800x800 pixels. Not the Original 400x400 native display resolution.
I’m having serious scaling problems with Zooper and by trial and error found that if I upload double the resolution, it scales at 100% on my display. Very odd, have to look into that too.