It hasn't woken up

My watch was low on juice and I ended up letting it run out as wasn’t in a position to charge.  However, since then I have been trying to charge it and instead of charging it keeps starting with a balloon screen, plays a start of a song and then turns off again or just vibrates every 20 seconds.  Anyone experience this before?  I bought it second hand from a guy who said he never used it so wondering if the battery might be dead but not sure if it could be something else.  if I hold down the power button nothing happens also.

Maybe flashing the FW would be a good idea in this case.

change, I charged the watch in different ways with no results. then I plugged it into the computer for a while and it ended up working. However, after putting on my wrist I couldn’t turn it on after a while. I then plugged it in again and the display worked again. so it seems to be charged and working now but the button isn’t being registered.

My KW 88 doesnt charge anymore, only works for one month. Doesn’t turn on neither.

Sept 9, 2017 16:14:12 GMT 1 lenidas said:
My KW 88 doesnt charge anymore, only works for one month. Doesn't turn on neither.

As usual try to disconnect the battery and reconnect after.