Issues I encountered while using my Kospet Prime 2 watch

Hello, recently I bought a Kospet Prime 2 watch. I found several problems that
I would like you to help me clarify. I don’t know if these problems are due to my
Prime 2 being faulty or that they are just the imperfections of the watch.

Issues I discovered so far:

While using the camera I noticed that it has difficulties focusing. Whenever the camera is focusing, I can hear a weird sound that sounds like glass hitting plastic. It is actually quite loud. After a few tries, the autofocus succeeds.

The quality of the speaker is really bad. To test the sound quality, I compared it to the speaker of the Lemfo Lem 12 which I used before I bought the Prime 2. The difference is huge, so I believe the speaker might be faulty.

I use this watch as a replacement for my phone. The watch works well as an independent phone because of its huge screen. But I noticed that the touchscreen doesn’t work correctly. I enabled “Show taps” in developer tools and saw that sometimes when I swipe my finger across the screen it isn’t continuous, instead, it’s detected as individual taps. I tried to fix it with software but to no avail. This issue consistently occurs when the watch is placed on the table and the index finger is dragged across the screen. As far as I can tell the screen protector is not the issue.

The Wifi is very inconsistent. The range is about half of the Lem 12 and the connectivity is very unreliable. Sometimes the closest wifi network just disappears for a minute or so.

For an unknown reason, the notifications on the lock screen are black.

Nevertheless, I still really love the watch.

Hi . OTA updates are coming so wait for this . We always advise a factory reset which usually fixes a lot of problems . Have you tried this ?

As for developer settings i would leave them well alone . Its very easy to mess up your watch .

The load camera / plastic noise doesnt sound good . After reset give us a update


The back of the watch needs body contact for the touchscreen to work properly. So you have to wear it on your arm or put your finger on the backside. But the auto focus problem doesn’t sound good.


Mine has none of those issues (not bragging). I would exchange it, although I know that is more difficult than living with the problems. lol. I wear mine everyday and have a T_Mobile Sim card. Camera - no problems. WiFi - no problems. Sound volume - no problems. Touch screen - not perfect but not as bad as yours sounds. I don’t use a lock screen. I push the upper button and everything lights up. I would disable the lock screen. Good luck.


Mine too has weaker WiFi, I can’t connect from places where my Ticwris and Prime 1 both works ok.

Regarding the touchscreen, you need to have some of your skin on the back of the watch, for it to work smooth, just as @G1NT0N1C says.


Unfortunately, the factory reset didn’t solve the issues. Later I decided to take a closer look at the camera problem.

To fully demonstrate the problem I’ve recorded the camera focusing and the sound it makes.

You should be able to clearly hear the weird sound that the camera makes while focusing. I’ve used the manual focus slider in the app called “open camera” to focus the camera in and out thus making that sound. Even when the camera is autofocusing, the sound can be heard.

Sometimes the camera completely fails to focus. Doesn’t seem to be related to the color or brightness of the environment, because I used the camera outside and the results were the same.

Also, the beginning of the video demonstrates my problem with the touch screen.

No sound on the video ? However what you describe doesnt sound good ( clicking sound ) . As for touch screen read @G1NT0N1C above post about contact . In reality if the hardware is broken it needs returning but it would be good to hear sound on video

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Okay , i now have the load clicking sound . Out of interest does it click loudly when on the wrist ? Does screen respond when on wrist

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This “clicking sound” only occurs when the camera is focusing.
The issue is consistent, regardless if it is on my hand or the table.

Most likely, lenses inside the camera are scratching or hitting each other, thus producing that clicking sound.

The touch screen works well when the watch is on my wrist, but sometimes, it doesn’t register some taps from my index finger.

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I don’t seem to hear anything when changing from close to far and back or tapping on different points on the screen. I tried with the watch right up against my ear and heard nothing. Might be an old age related issue though for me :wink:

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When I active duty military we used to “Malletize” stuff when it needed fixing. Always worked for us…lol. So give it a few good thumps with your finger.