Issue: Magnetic charging cable

When charging the watch with the charging cable, often I have to Manually press the magnetic charging cable to the back of watch it a bit harder to the back of the watch so that it can start charging, sometimes, if I don’t manually do this, it will just never start charging after I connect the magnetic charging cable to the back of the watch , Optimus 2.
I am not sure if this intermittent issue is caused by the charging cable or the charging pins on the back of the watch,
Hope manufacture can notice this and make improvement and fix it.

It’s usually caused by the contacts getting dirty on the back of the watch (clean with a medical swab or cotton bud with ethanol)

Or the pins on the USB cable have become uneven and started sticking.
They are little telescopic pogo pins and the springs become weak over time.

Luckily, if this is for the Optimus 2 - they are very easy to purchase from Aliexpress and other outlets.
Kospet official store may still have them.

The factory that assembles the watches do not make these cables.
They are bulk ordered and supplied with the watch, by the brands.


I have an Optimus 2, my cable charges the watch, but I cannot send files. i assume one of the wires is getting ready to break completely. I cleaned the pins and they seem to be fine if I bend the wire it makes connection.

I usually get an extra cable at purchase but not this time. Aliexpress had a $5 off coupon so I got a new one coming.