Is there any keyboard for round smartwatch?

Is there any keyboard for round smartwatch ?
And how to activate Google assistance on android 5.1 smartwatch ? Could someone make this watch face in red colour?

Dear Knight

Here is.


Please could you send me all the versions ?


I have the blue version yet, which you have shown here.

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I have shown here blue , but I want a black version and a red version with scs knight name at the upper part.

You should start creating your desired watch faces yourself. Since you have installed the universal launcher, you can create watch faces on your smartphone with the “watchmaker” app and then install it on your watch.


Could you please send the app or app link?


Please notice: you can install the faces you build with this app on a fullandroid watch if you are using Universallauncher. But this community is not the right place if you need help with this app.

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It doesn’t work with android 5.1 smartwatch.

That is bullshit. You can’t pair a fullandroid watch with the app, that’s right. But you can create a watchface, save it and install it on your watch, as long you are using UL.

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