Is there an online store with spare parts?

As with my previous Lemfo LEM4 Pro, the back cover fell apart (due to sweat). On the Lem4, the charging pins fell apart after only a year, and on the LEM 12, the SIM card door fell out again. Even after a year. Can they be bought somewhere? The low-quality demo versions of watches annoy me. Next time only metal and waterproof. This isn’t even good as an external tablet card

Have you tried reaching out to Lemfo ?

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For now, I’m trying one seller here. It also has service. But I doubt that China makes spare parts for this

I’m a genius! Using two watchmaker’s screwdrivers, a piece of tissue paper, wood shavings and glue, I was able to repair the watch. But I still don’t want anything like that anymore. Bad material and unprofessional child assembly

My Lem12 Pro is also falling apart. Back cover cracked around SIM cover months ago and I haven’t managed to get a replacement, so I glued in a piece of plastic instead the SIM cover. Now one of the strap mounts came off and that also doesn’t seem to be uncommon issue as per the posts on this forum. These Chinese watches rarely last more than 1 year if used daily.

One company in our country (CR) is said to supply the rear cover, but it seems that it would come from Alfa Centauri sooner than from China. But the possibility of getting spare parts exists.
So far I have also stuck a piece of plastic there and it works. I’ve had them for 16 months now and wear them all the time. The only problem so far is the SIM cover

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Can you tell me how to get in touch with this company that may have spare parts for a limpo 12 pro I would greatly appreciate as I have problems with the SIM cover on the back of the watch thank you

Aliexpress is always a good place to start. Spares for watches randomly show up :+1:


I also think I read here that I should contact the manufacturer. Who is the manufacturer? does it have a page? (Lemfo Lem 12 PRO)