Is there an online store with spare parts?

As with my previous Lemfo LEM4 Pro, the back cover fell apart (due to sweat). On the Lem4, the charging pins fell apart after only a year, and on the LEM 12, the SIM card door fell out again. Even after a year. Can they be bought somewhere? The low-quality demo versions of watches annoy me. Next time only metal and waterproof. This isn’t even good as an external tablet card

Have you tried reaching out to Lemfo ?

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For now, I’m trying one seller here. It also has service. But I doubt that China makes spare parts for this

I’m a genius! Using two watchmaker’s screwdrivers, a piece of tissue paper, wood shavings and glue, I was able to repair the watch. But I still don’t want anything like that anymore. Bad material and unprofessional child assembly