is the watch rooted?

I have just installed the sky go app (UK TV service) and it says it cannot run becouse the device is rooted? If this is the case can it be un rooted ?

No, the Genesis doesn’t come rooted. My guess is the watch fails the Google SafetyNet check which checks for Google approved devices which these watches aren’t. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s much you can do about it.

Yes, @Bozley is right. The watch is not rooted, but it’s a custom android Version. So there are some apps you can’t use, for example the most Banking apps- and this one…

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The reason is that these watches are using android 7.1.1 without certification from Google.
Therefore no security patches are applied and the device is going to show up in the play store as not certified
Not because the watch makers have a problem - the problem is Google refuses to certify any kind of watch that does not use WearOS.
So even though there is no root and the watch is secure - it will never meet the requirements of that Sky app or Google Pay or any app that requires security.
When (and if) the next generation of Android watches comes and if Google will work with it - things might improve.