Is the LEM14 still the only "fully" waterproof FAW?

I’ve bought five FAW models in the past couple of years and in my personal experience, the only one that has “true” waterproof capabilities is the LEM14.

This includes swimming, ocean, shower/bath, etc. It seems to handle it like a champ. On my LEM16, even getting caught in some moderate rain affected it for a few days and I had to try it out in a bag of rice.

I’ve seen recently some others are claiming waterproofness, but has anyone tested them successfully? As in swimming for prolonged periods, etc?


The LEM 14 is NOT waterproof, no matter what advertising says.
Have a look at the support thread for the LEM 14 and related topics.
You will find some reports from people who thought it was.
Basically it is a 50% chance of destroying the watch if you take it swimming.
Rule of thumb for full Android watches is that waterproofing is NOT a reality.
It’s a risk, and the risk is very high.


Hey Pablo. I guess it’s safest to assume it will not be fully waterproof to avoid disappointment, I agree.

I can only go from personal experience. Swimming for extended periods (1 hour or more), several times a week. Always wearing in the bath and shower. I only remove the watch to charge it.

It’s a risk I’m willing to take but not advising anyone else to :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen a few of the older S08 watches for sale, but they aren’t being produced anymore as far as I know.