Is not Perfect.Panerai Black Seal ;-)

Is not Perfect.Panerai Black Seal :wink:

Hey guide to install Watch face??please help me

@Francesco_F_Monkey_s please go to the watch face section if you have a D5, X1, X3 or X5. If you have a KW88, Blitz or IQI I2 then you cannot use this file.



@Francesco_F_Monkey_s then you have answered your own question if you read my post above…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ hi Pablo, can the watch manufacturers come to problems , when i released the watch design with their names . ?

Well - the idea is that they will be open for support anyway as they have signed up with us. The watch face does not need a “brand name” it’s an opportunity to have your name recognised as the maker of the face :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ thank you for the information. then I must no thoughts do me :wink:

Sorry - didn’t understand that one :slight_smile:

Monaco205, that’s one sweet looking face man!

Monoco205,this really is a nice design. For the sake of variation, would you consider making this same skin but using the original hour, minute, and second hands used by the manufacturer of the authentic Panerai Black Seal? Thanks.