Is my Kospet Prime device faulty?

Hello everyone, I just recently purchased a Kospet Prime smartwatch and I absolutely love it. My one major issue is that it was advertised to have a 1.25GHz CPU but upon further inspection of my device, my unit only runs a 1.0ghz max even in performance mode.

It makes me wonder if there are other things on my device that might not be true as stated in the information booklet or if my device is faulty. Anyone know if your personal watches have the same issues?

No , i have never seen nor heard this as a issue . Also performance mode is rarely used . Its not unusal for the manufacturers ( all of them ) to make a few errors in the spec list . We sometimes clarify a few . As it stands you have one ( if not ) one of the best watches out there :+1:

So the operating speed is correct? Also, it is definitely a beautiful and amazing watch. I was just afraid that I had one that was malfunctioning. I noticed that most of Kospet’s other watch wear products actually operate at manufacturers stated speed.

Thank you.

Your watch is working as it should . Dont worry :+1: