Is it possible to know if a Kingwear KW88 is an "early version" or

Is it possible to know if a Kingwear KW88 is an “early version” or mass production model?
Are there different models in the stores?
On Bangood and Gearbest, you need to make an preorder and wait until mid aug 2016.
On Aliexpress, they are available in lage quantities for immediat sale?

Should I be aware?

I supposed in Gearbest and Banggood will be the firmware final version for mass production. I think in Aliexpress is an “early version” of firmware

Ok, and if upgrading firmware is possible, buying the watch now should be OK? If there are no hardware differences? Does anyone know something about that? OS is 5.1 on AliEx.

@Kenneth_Tan ​​​ no need to worry if you order now. hardware should not change in any way. it’s all a matter of upgrading software via OTA.

@Miguel_Tan I thought they were making a slight change to update the bands supported on mobile networks?

If that’s the case then that’s a bummer for those who ordered early. If they change anything on the hardware then they should upgrade the name to a different model like KW88i or something. Hehe.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 is this still the case? Is there a planned change to the hardware?

I’ve read of the 4 Gb, 2 GB is claimed bij the OS. How limited is the use of apps with the remaining 512Kb/2GB on the watch?

The watch is 512mb/4gb
Almost 1.7gb is available for storage after the 5.1 OS installation.
There will be an updated version on the first week of next month but only difference so far is that the watch will come with 850/2100 bands for 3g. Possibly a better battery. That’s it.
So if your 3g data is currently working there is no big deal at all.

Thank you Pablo, about the memory I already knew. The question was. How much is 1.7 GB in installed apps on a smartwatch with an 6580 SoC? Is there only so much room to install a few apps, or is it good enough to have more than a few. I’d like to install my favorite tools, image viewers, cloud storage apps and audioplayers. How is the general experience with these watches.
I have a few Galaxy Gio smartphones and I could hardly fit any extra software on them without them screaming out of memory.
I live in The Netherlands so the current 3G frequencies are fine for me.

@Kenneth_Tan the memory for installing apps is not very big - around 300mb. But - you can use an app manager to move these apps to the 1.7gb storage without too much problem at all.
My best advice is to wait just a few more weeks because all the manufacturers are about to release new watches with bigger storage partitions.
As always with Chinese watches and a new SOC (6580) with Android 5.1 - these are just testers for probably much better watches coming up soon.
So don’t rush out and get one just yet.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 are you indicating there are new models on the horizon? If so do you have any pictures yet?

Calm down lol :slight_smile:
No I don’t have pictures.
I just know what the usual routine is here with these things.

KW88 watches are getting more expensive on Aliexpress as the stock runs out (for the white one’s) Found one still selling @ 108 euro’s but prices are definitely up.
Got a message from Kingwear telling me that no changes are coming to this watch and the model remains as it is. No new bands or battery.
So I decided to buy. White KW88 on it’s way to me.

Any help with my APN issue for kw88