Is it normal that my no.

Is it normal that my no. 1 d5 gets battery low too fast, from just about 6hrs on idle mode? From time to time, i just check time. Also i notice that y steps no. Increases even if i didn’t turn on pedometer. Do i need to return it? Just a day and half from the time i receive the watch.

Here’s the checklist of things I’ve found useful to maximize battery as a standalone watch:

  • Minimize screen brightness
  • Minimize having GPS, Bluetooth or Wifi turned on
  • Install the app CPU Spy Reborn, run it and verify that you see a large percentage of Deep Sleep.
  • Restart
  • Ensure you haven’t installed any apps recently that could be running in the background.
  • Format and flash
    –> After this step, I root the device and make a TWRP backup (skip backing up Data) once I get it the way I want. Then, if it starts behaving weirdly, I can restore the backup.

how do you get into TWRP on the No 1 D5

Lokifish created an SPTools post for easy rooting…and it includes TWRP.

How about pedometer? Can i deactivate it?

I don’t believe the pedometer can be disabled…at least I’m not aware if it can.

Pedometer can be disabled if you are rooted and use twrp