Is it difficult to represent Moon Phase?

Is it difficult to represent Moon Phase?
Not Sun/Moon in Daily basis but the Moon phase of 29something days…
Below a sample of elegant watch with moon phase…

A really Elegant Face that Should be Designed!!! :slight_smile:

hope for an answer…

Moonphase is not difficult.
Finding the right PNG’s to make it with is what it makes it al long job. I will give it a try.

The clockskin engine is very bad (buggy) represent that. Not exist any skin, which is not fals display the moonphase. Only way to made correct moonphase, the wm watch file, with universal launcher, but that off topic here.

@Henk_Scheerooren the only front view i could find in SCHAUMBURG WATCH site is the following. Nice too.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@zsolt_m so i’ve noticed.
Have one face ready but does not represent actual moonphase.
Faces with .watch files however work fine. How come?

@Henk_Scheerooren Yep. I wrote earlier. Cannot to do with that. Not possible to made with clockskin.

Pablo to the rescue!

Does it have the actual accurate moonpases?

Moonphase algorithms are difficult to be calculated for our watch faces?

Maybe it’s nicer if we can put a sun in it if it is daytime?