Is anyone's KW88 automatically rebooting on its own and not refreshing the watch faces

Is anyone’s KW88 automatically rebooting on its own and not refreshing the watch faces when you wake up the watch? I currently have 4 widget pages with different faces on each. Could that be slowing down the processor and causing the time update delay? Are there any settings that may need to be activated?

Yes, I’ve got the same problem on both watches. KW88 and I2.
Watchface update delay of up to 15 seconds with Zooper. Needs some serious attention. Also both are spontanious rebooting.

The rebooting is a sign of overheating I reckon. These apps obviously make a more serious demand on cpu when they are invoked than was previously thought…

ok so after removing 3 widgets(now only running 3) the watch it ok, no reboot and widgets get updated to actual time within 1-3 seconds. Maybe it was too much to handle

Yep - sounds about right. Thanks @Manny_M

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I do not agree completely. looking at battery life, which is still excellent on my KW88. Overheating can not be a problem. My watch rebooted at least 4x today. But I was outside in the full sun, working hard ans SWEATING. The bottom was very wet. And I know the Sim cover is very loose. Going to look at it under magnification to see if there’s water damage.

Going to remove 2 of the 3 watchfaces, see if that helps.
Also I noticed that the Omega Rio updates the fastest, then de Calibre and the slowest is my V22.
Rio and Calibre are going to be removen. See if that helps. Thanks @Manny_M for the suggestion.

I don’t think battery life is the issue @Kenneth_Tan . I believe the watch shuts down when it’s working a little too hard - either heat or memory starvation. Don’t forget there’s only 512mb of RAM to play with. Maybe worth installing an app that can record these stats…?