Is anyone getting 500 Internal Server error @ Aliexpress

Since Aliexpress is one of our main sources for watches I wanted to bring up this error I keep getting anytime I try to do a Search at When I enter an item to search it says 'Oops slide to verify and then asks too move a slide to the right. Doing that results in “500 Internal Server Error” page with nothing else on it. I’ve seen some others discussing this on Reddit but wonder if it’s just an error from certain areas of the world or everywhere. Seems they would be losing a lot of business over this and it’s been going on at least 2 days here.

A rather hilarious Google search on this problem produced this from aliexpress " Quality 500 internal server error with free worldwide shipping on AliExpress" So I guess they are selling 500 internal server errors :laughing:

I was earlier but working now!

They are still having problems

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I currently get the “CSC_7200022” error on payment, i guess there are some server issues.


Thanks for the confirmations. Still getting the error here upon any attempted item search. I can click on items on the main page and get to things that way but their search seems to be gonzo. And apparently some payment issues as none mentioned. Hoping they get it sorted out before the Kospet Prime 2 comes out although hopefully the other couple places like Banggood and Gearbest will have them too.