IQI I4 1gb/16gb


I’m new to this forum - please be gentle

I bought this watch for my wife for Xmas however it doesn’t connect to her iPhone X so I’ve ordered her the Apple Watch.

This leaves me with this watch that I’d like to use. Wiiwatch constantly crashes on my Doogee Mix phone with Android 7.0 and basically is useless. Bluetooth pairs but will not connect.

What is my best course of action? Is there a custom ROM specific for this watch or an updated firmware I can flash onto it?

I’ve flashed and rooted my Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 so not afraid to give flashing a go - just not sure what I’m looking for.

Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance

Which version of WiiWatch are you using? update from google play store. Latest i believe is 1.8.
Or you can try Watch droid, its better than wiwwatch.

Yes, watch droid is better. Watch droid assistant app in watch and watch droid phone in phone and pair. Is better because you can end a call and reply on whatsapp

Thanks guys

Wiiwatch was 1.9 and continually crashed.

Watchdroid works awesome! Notifications are working nicely.

Happy to have a working watch now


i need the firmware for this model 1gb ram 16gb rom IQI i4.
i cannot find it anywhere. i accidentally messed up by trying to flash the 2gb version, now it won’t start up anymore. hopefully someone can help me.

thanks alot.

Jan 14, 2018 17:34:43 GMT 1 cman said:

just make SURE  that this is the firmware for your watch the HEHUI version.

Hopefully no wrong preloader mess

Jan 15, 2018 8:26:36 GMT 1 firefoot007 said:
Hopefully no wrong preloader mess

Hmm i think that might have happened. I accidentally used "format all and download". Any advice how I can fix it? i think i tried all possible firmwares now but still not working. :-(

And please also tell me which mode i should flash now. firmware upgrade? download only? I guess I screwed up the Preloader. I read, that i might have deleted the IMEI Info by using format all and download but what is the consequence now?