Iqi I2 Companion app for Android phones.

Iqi I2 Companion app for Android phones. Anyone have the link? I assume this app will allow customization to the phone for notifications, sending files,etc… Thanks!

goto settings in the watch, then choose mobile assistant icon…you will see a QR code…aim you mobile camera on the code (having QR code reader App in the mobile)…Sinwear-New App will be downloaded automatically to your mobile…Install, and you are all set.

I’ve gone there and get the chinese page, translate, click on Andriod and get an error on page.

What is your email…will send you the new APK?

You should delete the old Apk from your mobile.

@Khalid_Naji tombosko909@

I don’t see any option to answer calls via BT…or get notifications from phone…

Actually you need search for some of my posts here in this great community.
Simply i never any of these companion Apps with the watch…to me I am not looking for double notifications…i use the watches as pure stand alone with google voice. And for fitness tracking…
But to answer you question…all notifications will come to you…just test it.

@Tom_Bosko this is a standalone phone watch. It was never designed to allow call answering over Bluetooth. It simply does not work on these watches.

Oh, guess I got my mindset wrong from Android wear and Tizen…so I treat this like another Android phone, set up apps, passwords, etc…

Yes - that’s exactly right.
Many people think the same at first. I hope this doesn’t lead to disappointment - they are actually great devices for what they are.

Well, was hoping to tether and use standalone… in the states ATT has numbersync which allows sharing of same phone number…at worst case I was hoping for calls via BT…

How’s battery life? With sim, moderate use? A 450 mAh battery is a pretty good size Battey for a smartwatch phone

Yeah - most make the same mistake.
These watches do not have a “complete” Bluetooth stack which will allow this.
They can tether to a phone for internet connection or for using some notification sync apps but no voice over BT.

The I2 battery life is pretty good. With 3G on but no wifi or bluetooth it will last a long time in standby - 20 hrs
If you use it a lot for calls or web browsing or music etc you can drop battery life very quickly…But still get around 8 hours…

I’ve got a Hear s2 3g…but just using BT for everything. It’s a 3g from another carrier than mine…so I’m not using it for standalone. I was hoping to use the GPS function without sim card on the S2 but realize it’s A-Gps…ugh…so I want to send it back, was hoping to use this kinda the same way…does gps work on the i2 without a sim?

I’m pretty sure it’s a-gps but you would need to test it.