iPhone Compatibility

Hello!! I’m a new user, just got my Kospet Hope yesterday.  I love the watch BUT it seems that iPhone compatibility is limited.  Bluetooth connectivity is spotty at best, some messages make it to my watch, some don’t (I’m still trying to figure all this out, I might have resolved this). 

My one big issue is that the Hope cannot share internet connectivity of my phone over bluetooth. When I go into the watch bluetooth settings and select the options for my phone, there is a checkbox to share the internet connectivity of the phone.  This check box does not work, I click it and it “blanks” out and does not accept the setting.  Is this a known issue that might be fixed in the future?  Or is it best that I get a SIM card and just get cell service for the watch itself for internet access?

Thank you in advance!!!

If you want to use your watch as a bluetooth tethering client then enable bluetooth hotspot on the phone which is paired with your watch and on the watch select Internet access in the bluetooth properties.

Bluetooth tethering speeds are typically around 1mbs in both directions

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