IOS notifications LEM5

I recently noticed that when disabling my BT connection, I still receive alerts from my IPhone 6?

I never have WiFi, GPS or GSM enabled in order to save battery power, but still receiving alerts, would their be another communication channel enabled which I am not aware of?




which kind of notifications? that is impossible that you are getting notifications if BT is’nt enabled, do you have 3g on the watch?


I could see from my IPhone that the BT connection is always active, even when the BT is switched of from the watch. In the settings of my phone I have shared the internet connection via BT and I cant connect to the internet when BT is switched off on the LEM (as it shouldn’t) but I still receive messages from for instance from WhatsApp or email. I guess that BT is not complete being shut off, do you know if there is way to check this, or a setting which I seem to miss?


The iPhone BT ble notification service is always on with the X series watches.
It cannot be turned off.
I know it is strange but it is confirmed that it stays on by design.

Indeed strange, thanks for clarifying.