Ios compatibility

I want to change my phone to Iphone and want to know if my kospet prime or note will work with iphone through watch droid??? or I better take android phone?

Watchdroid only works for Android smartphones. For IOS, only wiiwatch can be used. And that’s not really a recommendation.

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WiiWatch and WiiWear barely work.
Literally all iPhone users complain about this.
These are really not good for being tethered - regardless of app used.
In my opinion anyway.


@pablo11 is right. Although it’s fair to say that apple is the problem. Because Apple users should use an Apple watch, the connection of other devices is largely prevented.


Yep, the whole idea of these Android watches is that they are independent.
Tethering for notifications was added as an afterthought.
In early 2015, when the first round Android watch appeared, tethering for notifications was not a thing… It was only for WearOS watches back then.
BT internet tethering has been there from from the beginning though.
But of course, people want just about everything to be available on their watch these days.

I’m looking forward to the new model with a built in toaster.
Or telescopic camera… Oh wait, that’s already been done :rofl::rofl::+1:


Guess I’ll buy S23
Unfortunately I can’t afford iwatch and iphone at same time(((

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Perfect choice if you don’t want a full Android Watch…
But make sure you check owner feedback because the Samsung watches also have issue with IOS because Apple locks down the iPhone so much that many companies struggle to integrate apps that work with it.

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I’ll take Samsung S23 like I said before I hate when something works incomplete

@Armen_Tangyan And as I said before… You may not be much better off with the S23.
Make sure you check it out before buying it.

Great choice, works perfectly with all watches. Which watch fo you have?

I have misunderstood what you said.

I realise that you are saying that you are thinking about buying an iPhone.

To be honest, I thought you were talking about getting the Galaxy watch and tethering it to your iPhone.

So just forget about everything I said apart from the fact that Android Watches are not good with iPhones.

To be honest, I would not pay the price for the S23 phone.
I would get an oppo or similar.
Better value for money in my opinion.
But everyone is different and good luck with your purchase.


So is possible for android watch to work with iphone??
P.S is there oppo models that supports wireless charging??

Wiiwear offers a few functions for the iPhone. But it works more badly than right. Since you wrote that you want things to work, I advise against it.
But maybe you should buy an iPhone and look for a used Apple Watch.

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Agreed @G1NT0N1C
That’s why I said this.
Maybe @Armen_Tangyan missed this?

About that watch, no - not seen in real life.

Totally agree. Bought son a OPPO. Great value for money :+1:

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True. Back in the days when i was IOS mad with Wiiwatch there was a whole section of features missing when paired due to restrictions