International firmware - update from SD Card (No FlashTools) - Suitable for LEM12 Pro & APPLLP 2 Updated 2021.06.26

Is it too complicated? Can I know why?

Excellent work @pablo11 you hear the people needs and did an excellent job. Thanks my friend!

Can I suggest something for next update?

  1. Can you include gesture typing on Aosp Keyboard? This is because when we have flying gboard, can’t see message reply with Watch Droid (ex.: For WhatsApp), because Keyboard is over the text.
  1. When do a gesture typing on Gboard, starting on letter ‘a’ (like word “Animal”, por example), accidentally we trigger back gesture.


Would this brick my LEM14? Has anyone tested it?

You can’t use it on a LEM14. Please believe me. Don’t try it out.

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@MintR33, I didn’t mean that you should have flashed the update in download only. I mean that you can now flash only the logo partition from the old firmware in download only
but as Pablo said, it’s not recommended


I wouldn’t say it’s too complicated exactly, but rather that it is too much work to bring a device up from android 7 to android 10. you could also see it from a business perspective: if they update it you might keep that device longer instead of buying a new one.
btw, from Pablos firm answer to you I would guess that he mistook the s888 for the s999


Check this thread: Some pretty bad watches are starting to flood the market - Please Read!

Those devices (S888 and S999) are from a different solution provider which has no interest in providing support or updates.


Yes you are correct about that but I also don’t think the s888 is a Wiiteer solution?
As @none and I have mentioned before… We will have nothing to do with these hit and run type devices… (that’s just how I refer to them)


In simple terms yes.
This is for the Z32 pro which is a LEM12 Pro or the Lokmat equivalent… Only.

I thought it was with a Wiite solution since it was said to come with android 7, but if @ic.dcandelori has had his s888 upgraded to android 9 then I guess you and None are right that it is not a Wiite watch

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First 24hrs with the new firmware. My projected battery forecast is sitting between 21-32hrs. Stock launcher, BT on, no Sim, wifi off. Location off, RTW left on. A10 set to dark theme. Only running watch droid in the background.

Pretty impressive!


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Hello everybody.

I’m texting to give some feedback for the rom, using it 2 days at the moment on my Lemfo 12 Pro:

I’m experiencing some strange behavior with my battery. When I reach 30% or 20%, my watch drains a lot of battery in short time doing nothing.

I’m having this apps running without battery optimization:

  • Watch Droid Assistant.
  • Double tap to sleep
  • Automate (automating process on the watch, like internet when turning on the display only).
  • Recorder (almost never running).
  • Accubattery.

When I see Accu report, it says that the mayor drain it’s from Wii Home (home launcher of the watch). But again, sometimes it drains 10% only in 3 minutes, without doing nothing.

In addition, i did a full restart two times, but nothing new on behavior on battery drain.

Is there anything that I’m doing wrong on the watch settings?

Please help. Thank you.

Given all the apps you have installed it is almost impossible to comment.

My advice is installing wake lock detection app and monitor.

Or start fresh and add one app at a time until you find the culprit.

Understand that anything causing the problem will be interacting with the home app. It is not the home app causing the problem because with nothing installed it has excellent battery life.

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Update for day 2, have had the watch running for 10hours already and am sitting at 83% battery. Am projected to reach total discharge in 41hours. Factor in the 10hours of operation already and we are talking about a total battery life of 51hours of normal use

New rom is brilliant for battery life!

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Hi - I experienced the same Yesterday, suddenly when battery was about 30% it dropped to 0% in no time. Maybe it shows the battery life wrong all the time ??


Interesting app suggestion. Would be great to have such insight. Would that be the one by UzumApps which you would recommend, or which one is of good quality ?

Yes, battery meaby shows wrong percentage???

The battery gauge is by no means perfect, it estimates the current percentage based on voltage, resistance, loading and aligns this data with a calibration file.
And it gets less accurate on lower capacity.

I tested geekbench in a loop to check if the battery gauge has a ‘dead zone’, but it looks okay:


This is a long post and may be ‘throne’ reading;-) Apologize for the length.

Received a LEM 12 Pro on Thursday last and prior to connecting to my wifi or cellular data, I immediately flashed with the FAW firmware. As mentioned in another thread, I sincerely appreciate the hard work from @pablo11, @none, Wiiteer, etc that went into this firmware. The timing of its release couldn’t have been better for me:-)

So, I’ve playing with it over the weekend and have a couple of comments. Please note, I never used the OEM Android 10 firmware so my comments are made in sort of a FAW firmware vacuum.

Absolutely love the implementation of the Google Services (Calendar, Contacts, Phone, Messages (RCS). This has made it very easy to transition to using the watch as a stand alone device.

I have observations or questions on a couple of things:

  1. Notification sounds for Messages are not working. I get vibration but no sound. What setting might have I missed?

  2. Battery fully charged sound/notification was convenient for me. I do understand that some on the board did not like it and it was removed so maybe there could be an On/Off Switch. I will try @G1NT0N1C suggested app as it might be a solution for me.

  3. My battery has (on multiple days) dropped to 30% after 18 hours of typical usage and then it just plummets to shutoff within minutes without any warning. There use to be a brief notification sound when the battery hit 15% charge. Given my battery dropping to 0 within minutes of hitting 30%, this notification/warning would be very helpful.

  4. Should BT usage be reflected as a line item in ‘Battery Usage by App’ screen? I am not seeing BT usage at all.

  5. Maybe not firmware related but LEMFO OEM related. One of the OEM watchfaces only shows battery usage in 20% increments. It starts at 100 when fully charged, then it drops to 80%, 60%, 40% as the actual usage dictates. Given my battery experience in #3 above, I never see 20%. Watchface = Digital with semi-circle rings for steps (blue), battery (green) and day of the week (red). Why wouldn’t this show actual battery % as reported in the pull down drawer?

Yes I know some of these have been mentioned elsewhere but it is easier for me provide consolidated feedback. So, I apologize for any redundancy while I continue reading.