International firmware - update from SD Card (No FlashTools) - for KOSPET Prime 2 updated 2021.06.26

@noidremained is right. The SMS compose problem is limited to the first time you write to a new contact. So it is a limited case, but still giving a bad user experience.


Thank you @pablo11 @none and Wiiteer for this work and this sharing.

I just installed FAW Wiiteer on my Kospet Prime 2 I haven’t seen everything yet but already I can say that now the Kospet Prime 2 camera is really 13MP.

On the other hand there is one more thing which does not work or maybe it is me who does not know how to do it but I cannot find my phone numbers which are saved on my SIM card.

Is it normal that for example the settings always remain in a square window?

you have to longpress it


didn’t mean on the physical button but on the option in the power menu


Ah, OK. I thought I read the whole post but somehow I missed that. I feel stupid.

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to be honest, I did the same mistake myself

Don’t worry. There are a lot of New functions. No need to delete your posts. Other users might learn from your mistakes.:+1:
I would like to restore your post, if you are fine with it?

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SIM contacts can be imported via the google contacts app:


The permanent square mode for system apps is intended to keep as much of the default android capabilities as possible.


Sure, go head. And here are my first impressions of the FW:

So far everything that wasn’t working before is working now, and the new features are great. It’s also the most polished and professional feeling OS on a FAW I have seen. Well done guys, thank you.


Thank you @none for your response and well done for your work.

I will take more time to familiarize myself with this new software.

Now everything is working for me.


@pablo11 Top post should be updated to correct Google play services update method.

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I cannot delete any added watchface from the standard launcher. Nothing happens when clicking the trash bin.

Just refresh after deleting.

That doesn’t help, watchface still there…

Ok, I got it. Press and hold the face. Than drag and drop it to the bin.


Wow, that was new :crazy_face:
Yup, that works. But if deleting a face (not the active one) and thereafter refreshing faces and exit, the default watchface is reverted instead of the previous active.

Yes, that is normal. Same behavior if you refresh.

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Any chance to get standard icons and alphabetical sort in the app drawer ?

Off course. By using Universal Launcher. :wink:

maybe with root, I don’t know why you would need to change it though