Interesting analog watchface request

Good night everyone!

I was browsing Aliexpress for cheap watches (non android) and I’ve noticed that most of them have quite nice watchfaces.

I found this one which I quite like (the first on the left):

If anyone likes it and is willing to reproduce it in ClockSkin format, I would definetly use it on my watch daily :slight_smile:

For more ideas for faces like this, I recommend browsing aliexpress for cheap watches and you’ll find plenty of examples.


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Iscle - I have completed this watch, but before posting it can you clarify what might be the top digital indicator with the “500”? Also is there a clock type for it?

Currently, I have left it “blank”

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I think it’s burned calories.


Thank you sir, I’ll use it.


I would like to point out that, although making digital copies of analog watches is ok, albeit being legally grey, making adaptations of already digital faces is generally, not currently allowed, apart from a few companies. If this request hasn’t been fulfilled yet, I would ask @Dr_Andy_Vishnu or @pablo11 if this face is allowed. Basically, when it comes to already digital faces, please ask the mods first, before starting the request. It’ll save you and FAW from legal issues down the line. The only exception is if you already know the artist and/or have been in contact with them and they have given you permission to copy their work in another format(eg.,“I have neither the time or interest in making a full android version of my Wear OS watchface, but you are welcome to do so, as long as you give me credit.” or something along those lines). Diesel watchfaces are one of the few companies that I know of that allow adaptation of their digital faces without issue. Anyways, I hate being a noodge, but I had to put that out there.
PS. I wanted to add that, if you are willing to experiment, using WFD to replicate it yourself and upload it to your watch is, for the most part, completely legal, as long as you don’t post it or freely distribute it.

We have a agreement with the manufacturers that support us that we wont copy and distribute their work and the same with our work .