Instructions to install Watch Face

Hello Everyone
I joined your group yesterday and been trying to install few of your amazing watchfaces but iam having difficulty doing so, i looked for steps but cant find anything,
i did go to “Go on our YT Channel, link is in community description.” and watched the video but frankly it is very vague and confusing,
If there are steps to take , I’ll greatly appreciate it.
Than you in advance

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First of all, welcome to our community. Perhaps one of the easiest ways is to download and install this app on your watch:

Then open the app and enter the displayed address in the address bar of any browser (computer or smartphone). Now you can upload a watch face to the watch as a ZIP file. Please note that both devices are in the same WIFI network.


I did just that, i installed the ‘ClockSkin Transfer app’ on my phone, then ran it, next step was to open the browser from my pc and upload the file, and install it to my watch. Received the alert that skin installed on my watch, but i cant find that skin to set it on my watch.

What’s the name of your watch?

Normally all installed watchfaces should be displayed when you put the finger on the current watchface. Now scroll to the end and press the little arrow to refresh. The display jumps back to the beginning. If you now scroll again, you should find the newly installed face.


May be he has forgotten to restart the watch after copy…?

Ths is what i was hoping to find, but couldn’t
The watch face that i downloaded is LonginesMoonPhase but i can’t seem to find it on my new watch"Samsung galaxy watch 5 44"
I even turned my watch off and back on to see it, but still can’t…

Ok, your watch isn’t a fullandroid watch mate. The operation system on your watch is tison or wear os, but not android. Nothing here will work on your watch. Wrong forum, sorry.


Oh man! you just broke my heart
i was really hoping there was a fix, either way, thank you for your time.

Are you talking about the Longines moonphase I have done? In this case you’ll find it on Mewe. Search for a group called “smartwatch unlimited” You’ll find nearly every single face I have ever published here as a “.watch” -file there. Just load down, open with watchmaker app on your phone and push it to your samsung watch.


Thank you very much

You are welcome.

Thank you So much
I was able to download the longines watches from MEWE and pushed them to my phone.
After I almost lost hope with the silly watch faces I was limited to get.
I appreciate your advice.

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Every Android-Smart-Watch has a “Clockskin” Directory.
Copy your new “watch-face-directory” to the “clockskin” directory to your smart-watch.
"Reload all watchfaces on your smart-watch and select your “new watch-face”
.Have Fun! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

In his case, we are talking about a Samsung galaxy watch. No clockskin folder… :wink:


Hi ClockSkin Transfer not working on my watch with full android 9. I dont have clockskin folder, i created it, its showinf as sent but still not working even after restart watch.
Any sugestions?

If your Android 9 watch allows installing apps, you could try if Universal launcher works on your watch. You can find it here in the forum.

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Tried downloading Clockskin Transfer via PlayStore: States : This app isn’t available for my device > it is only for old phones. Hmmm…

Try this copy:

-ClockSkin Transfer1.4.apk - Google Drive


Though an simple solution…does not work