Installed Universal launcher on Lem4 square,

Installed Universal launcher on Lem4 square, and cant seem to get the clock screen to set at all. When pressing from the blinking clock opening screen to the fixed first example, no other skin options are available. Eric said in his video the stock ones would still be there. At this point, I can’t get any clock skin functioning at least from the stock perspective. Any insights would be really helpful. tks

No, the stock clockskins DO NOT display using universal launcher. If a skin is created that is COMPATIBLE with stock launcher and copied into the clockskin folder using UL, then it will display. Try downloading some clock skins from this community, unzip them, and then copy them into the watch’s clockskin folder.

Ahhh Okay. Thanks so much Louis, will do that then.

@Ian_Mair also check the Square and Round Android watchface community. The square Android watchface community already shut down. The first one has both square and round faces. Like us, they are shutting down soon, tho, so try and grab a few faces while you can. I believe the new site is going to handle both.

Hi Nicholas. Okay tks, will rush to get what I can. Universal launcher was a great enhancement, so feeling good to explore more. Appreciate your advice.

@Nicholas_Herczeg that’s correct :+1: