Inserting a SIM

On the advice of several folk here I ordered another SIM for my LEM 14. The SIM arrived today. A cautionary tale. Before you order a new sim, make sure you can take the back off the watch. I’ve got one of the screws out, but the other two are rock solid and refuse to budge despite all attempts - bigger screwdrivers, use of a vice to hold the watch, the threat of a hammer … nothing will undo those two screws. I’m now in danger of stripping the screw heads and losing any possibility of undoing them.

Any advice?

Edit: now got two screws of the 3 out. May have to drill out the third …

2nd Edit: drilled out the screw, inserted the SIM, rebooted the watch - success! Even the weather function works on faces now. I just can’t go swimming with it … not that I can swim. :wink:

Oh boy, it continues …

New sim working fine in the watch. Old sim cut off in the phone. Same number, same format. Now I’m going to have to put the watch sim back in the phone, having ruined the back of the watch in order to get the hatch off.