Increase the vibration time?

hello, would it be possible to increase the vibration time of the notifications on the clock? Every time a notification comes to the clock, I hardly feel it because it vibrates for a very short time, I have a lemfo lem12. Thank you

At the Watchdroid, you can set the duration time of vibration. If you want another method, I suggest to use macro tools, “Tasker” or “Automate” or “MacroDroid” or etc. I’m using “Automate” for this purpose. If watch gets notification, then “Automate” make strong vibration.

And another method, I think you can use notification app on your watch. I don’t use this way, but some notification apps (some apps have feature for setting of vibration pattern for notifications) is exist in Google Play Store. Please search the word of eg.“notification, vibration” in the store.