Increase font size?

hi, is there any way to enlarge the text of the applications, barely see the letters, is there any way to increase the size of the letters

If it cannot be changed under Settings-Display, you can find this setting option with the “settings search” app:
-Copy of Settings - Google Drive

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Thanks for answering, but in settings / screen there is no option that allows you to expand the text and with the application that you have recommended, it happens the same, you do not find any option that allows you to expand the text, any other option?

Hm, I don’t have this watch, but if you open the app, you should find it here:
-Display- font size.

Hello, there are only three options on the display, which are: - brightness level - screen time on - brightness when receiving notifications. I leave an image so you can see the available options. I hope your help. Thank you

Here is a screen shot of the Settings Search app, from my Genesis. The app is the same it doesn’t matter which watch it is installed on.


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Yes, @Jonathan_Bickel is right. You have to open the app.

It’s in accessibility not display


You are right. But it’s in display, too…:wink:

Yes. In fact if you read the Accessibility listing it is there also, “large text”.


It shows it in the Display options but on the watch it is not available. This app is not just for watches and on a phone it may display all options.
Here is a screen shot of the Display option open on my Genesis. It displays the same information as under the “Settings” app.



thanks to all, I have already solved it, it was in accessibility as you have told me. Thank you so much

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