Hi everyone.
Unfortunately it has come to our attention that many of your personal watch faces had been taken and uploaded to a third party company for commercial use.
I have contacted them and the content will be removed from their servers as soon as possible.

I will take this opportunity to remind everybody that the work here on this community is for personal use. It is for our community to enjoy. It is not and cannot be for commercial use.

We will instantly ban members who breach this rule as we intend to look after our member’s work as much as possible.
This is one of the reasons that we enforce the “copyright respect” rule that we have.


PS: I had to remove the post that was below for reasons that may appear obvious to anyone who saw it. This is now read only.

Thanks again.

G+ Android Watch Team.

It’s a little awkward between here and XDA but let’s just say stuff was altered and copyright was breached. That’s why I said no before and we are saying no now. I’m obviously not mentioning any names for a reason.
Subject closed.