IMPORTANT NEWS !! Hi everyone.

Hi everyone.
As you may or may not know we have had some issues here in the community regarding the watch faces and how they were used inappropriately. Whilst we cannot go back and fix what was done in the past (much of the material that was/is used was taken form outside this community - YouTube and XDA for example) - we can help the way forward.
We have a section now where people can post faces which they do not mind sharing to watch makers. Any faces you post can have your “maker’s mark” (so that your work is recognised in the wider world) on the preview picture of the face.
With this in mind we have decided to work with Finow again and provide support for their round android watches once again.
This decision was made with the greater community in mind. Many of you use the X series watches and will undoubtedly buy the newer models which are about to be released. For us to be able to provide support and advice on these products we had to make a decision.
So a peace deal has been made and we will move on - with Finow back on-board - much the same as the other manufacturers we support here.
There will be benefits for our members, similar to the I2 sales previously - you will see ways to get these new devices at a discounted price :slight_smile:

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