Imperium W812a ROM v1.2.0

THIS ROM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - If I hear otherwise I will update this post. - pablo11

Watches Supported
D5, K9, X1, X3, Atenea

Proper Gapps
Calendar with Agenda support
Interactive Notifications (via Heads-Up)
jbak2 Keyboard (Round templates zip can be found on the downloads page, extract zip and copy to SD)
Swipe friendly email (via Mailwise)
Mobileuncle Tools
Full proper root (still requires remount to edit root level files for added security)
init.d support
Internal Storage Cache tweaks
Governor tweaks
sysctl tweaks
Network tweaks
Dalvik tweaks
Memory usage tweaks
Ram tuning
Improved battery life
Busybox 1.24.1
“ClockSkin” folder removed from /system

Data will turn off if not used for an extended period of time, say more than an hour. I’m still trying to find this as stock does the same.
-If Jbak2 keyboard updates you will need to copy the jbakKeyboard folder folder back to SD. (This is a jbak issue and not a ROM issue)
-Wiping after install removes the preconfigurations, so wipe then restore is is the proper method for now
-Does not support the D5 160310 watchface rotations

SPTools install not supported in this release.

Where to get it

TWRP Install
How to install (DO NOT SKIP STEPS)
Download W812a v1.2.0 and extract it
Copy the TWRP folder and jbakKeyboard folder to SD
Reboot into TWRP
Restore “W812a v1.2.0 prerelease” backup


1- Heads-up is not preconfigured to turn on the display when a notification comes in. If you want this enabled, check the app’s settings.
2- Different models use different ID’s so your backup folder may be 0123456789ABCDEF or 0000000000000000. Perform a full backup and move Imperium to the proper folder.