IMEI check question?!

kospet optimus 2 imei is being verified as kospet prime 2

my returned kospet prime 2 was verified as an old outdated chinese phone

kospet prime (2019 model) is verified as a panasonic 2016 flip 2g phone!

I had doubts about being inaccurate but every mobile phone i checked on this site was properly verified!

anyone got a reasonable explanation for that?

I’d assume that it’s accurate for bigger brands like samsung, apple, oneplus, xiaomi, oppo etc and not so accurate for smaller brands like lemfo and kospet. If you try the IMEI of a phone from leagoo or umidigi I would guess you would get the wrong information then as well.

For the IMEI from my iqi i8 I get this message: “You have entered a correct IMEI number, but we cannot find it in our database. If you know the model, please add it to our database.”

you could also ask the developer of IMEI24 over here: IMEI24 project to get to know your phone better | XDA Forums

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