I'm stuck for inspiration for my next watch face,

I’m stuck for inspiration for my next watch face, so if anyone out there has any requests for faces to be made, I’m happy to have a Crack at a design

Something radio-inspired? Deco/retro?


@Sylvain_Bouju that may need someone with code writing skills unfortunately. That i don’t have… yet

@Dennis_Falk good idea. I might have a look

Nixon Mission

Here is an idea. The 2017 Mazda Miata Launch Edition comes with a watch by Mazda and Tourneau.

It is about three quarter of the way down the page. I thought it would be fun to have the watch face on my D5 before my wife gets it with her car (she made the list). By the way, I hope I got all the info required.

@Steve_Collis I’ve actually produced a nixon mission one already. I’ll have a search for it tonight

@Ben_Ford and on my zeblaze blitz will be fantastic!!!

Hi all. As mentioned a few different versions available of the Nixon Mission face. havent been able to get on here this week but hopefully you think the faces look ok

missing/deleted image from Google+

Version 2

missing/deleted image from Google+

Version 3

missing/deleted image from Google+

Version 4

missing/deleted image from Google+

And finally the actual watch that was used for inspiration

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Steve_Collis ​ see above for 4 different versions

Nice. I haven’t tried them yet as I’ve been giving the developer preview a spin. I’m just resetting back to stock now.

@Steve_Collis it’s hard to get the face to come up as nice as the watch as the majority of detail comes from the bezel. I personally prefer version 4

Also in each zip file there’s enough image options to chop and change to suit taste

@Ben_Ford Star Trek theme would be good, with the LCARS (Star Trek) Colours and Font - all findable online

Can you create an apk with @Kenneth_Tan ​ method?

@Fabio hi mate. I haven’t delved into the apk development unfortunately. But anyone can use those files if that have that skill base