I'm NOT recommending you update your D5  until the update is tested but I

I’m NOT recommending you update your D5 until the update is tested but I just saw that there’s a new one available - 20160918 Solved watchface bug

Hi @Andrew_Davis , but they say the bug is solved.

missing/deleted image from Google+

Last information. I have update my watch with format all + install and no see any bug. Only don’t have the previous faces from factory. Tomorrow need see the battery live.

The last time I did a D5 OTA it cream crackered my watch… I don’t trust it until it’s been tested here…

So you know when your watch’s screen turns on without you knowing and you accidently do stuff like make calls, etc. Well today it accidently selected one of those black watch faces, right when I was about to show my latest creation to the adoring (read: captive) fans at work. Dead watch all day, heckles from the back row, arrrgh. Currently re-flashing it tonight.

@Andrew_Somers I feel your pain… :frowning:

did you get it OTA or flash it?
I’m running 20160915 and it says its up to date

@Andrew_Somers I’ve got a long thread running about this - and I still haven’t been able to resolve the problem :frowning:
I can’t remember the update numbers but I completed an OTA and everything went well… then within a day or so another OTA showed up… this one turned out to be the killer… whilst scrolling through the faces I touched a black face and Kapowie (never thought I’d be able to use that word) it was all over…
I then managed to flash to the oldest stable FW version (my first ever flash)…
Then uploaded the unstable OTA again (with a view to flashing the latest stable update) BUT I found that my D5 was no longer recognised by my PC… I’ve tried a dozen or so solutions, but nothing…
So, I haven’t flashed the newest update and I’m waiting for it to become available as ab OTA… :frowning:
It’s interesting to note that all this was happening at the same time as a major Windows 10 update… and reading through various (not watch) sites lots of people are unable to reconnect their USB devices…

I keep looking at the No1 D5 site for news… that’s where I got the bug fix info from… they say to flash… I wish they’d just release an OTA :frowning:

They should release OTA immediately, it’s such a serious bug. Flashing is a pain, I’ve done it twice, you lose all your apps. I flashed an older version and thought I’d leave it at that, but someone was having trouble with my Hollow Man watch face, so I thought I’d test it on the latest firmware today. I don’t suppose you’ve had any issues with any of my faces? He said it crashed his watch and needed a re-flash.
Yeah, windows!! I’ve stuck with 7, mainly for just your issue (drivers), even though they pestered me every day to upgrade. When I went from 32 to 64 bit my printer didn’t work anymore, took me a while to find the right driver. I also don’t like the new interface.
In my line of work (engineering) one learns to change only one thing at a time. So when something breaks you know that it was the last thing you did that caused it. And yes, everyone learns the hard way.

I’ve never had a problem with yours (or any) watchface - crashing… I have had a few problems with my “Spock” not working exactly as planned - although it works… and somebody reported that my “Zoltar” wouldn’t work on their D5 - the Zoltar uses 2 large “smoke” images running in opposite directions and a large digital array for the “cards”…

V1.2220160928-1821 OTA no missing skins :slight_smile:

I did the 20160928 OTA a week or so ago… all seems sweet and dandy… and no blank faces :slight_smile: