I'm new to the smartwatch world and I just purchased a Kingwear KW88.

I’m new to the smartwatch world and I just purchased a Kingwear KW88. I’ve downloaded a few apk watches which work just fine. I have also downloaded and installed @Eric_Crochemore ​ launcher. Which also works just fine. My problem is a can’t quite figure out how to load watches that are in zip files. Can someone help a fellow smartwatch enthusiast please. Thanks, and happy holidays to all.

Create a folder called “ClockSkin” on your watch files.

Move the zip files there. Make sure that there’s not another directory in the zip files.

Yes the key is that there can’t be a sub directory in the zip file.

Thanks, to both of you. I’ll get to work on it and let you know how it went. You both enjoy your holiday.

Bro from where did u got the Ericcrochemore launcher? Plz some one help ya!

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I created the folder called “clockskin” in my watch files. I placed the zip file “2015_TAG_HEUER_CARRERA” in the folder and made sure there were no sub-directories. Still I can’t seem to get the watchface to show. What am I doing wrong? Very frustrating! Please help. Thanks.

Your mistake is with placing a zipped file inside the “Clockskin” folder. Folders must not be zipped and need to just have the face name as a title of the folder.
A plain unzipped folder containing the watch face components with a simple name will do it… :blush::blush:
Also check the guides over on the proboard forum…

Also keep in mind not every watch face will work. Place the link for the watchface you’re trying to use, and I will let you know if it works.

It worked like a charm. Thanks to all. Now, what is the best way to transfer watch files from my phone to my watch? Thanks again to all.

@Shakik_Swiggett I suppose the easiest way is to
a) use Dropbox or Skydrive or G Drive to save them first for yourself - and then you can save them to the watch into the ClockSkin folder
Or b) just transferring them between your Pc and the watch