I'm in need for some extra charging cables.

I’m in need for some extra charging cables.
Does anyone have a link were you can buy them?
Are the small magnetic one’s all a standard size?
What’s the google “search phrase” for these cables?
I can’t find these things…

if they are all the same, can watches with a round cradle use the small magnetic types too?

Any USB cable for a smart phone should be fine as long as it is micro USB standard. I use all sorts of cable for mine - all ok…

You can see different cables on Youtube (SmartWatch Ticks) And I think the Asus Zenwatch 2 cable is compatible.



@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I think you misunderstood me. I’m talking about the magnetic pogo blocks that snap under the watch. Not the cradles with micro USB attachment. Although the magnetic blocks seem generic, I can only find one on Amazon, but none on Ali, GB and BG.

I’ve just ordered 50 pogopins and NeoDym magnets. I’m going to design my own watch stand that can snap my KW88 into and print it out.
Maybe I’ll try to make the design universal that the other watches can be adapted to fit.

@Peter_van_Grijfland Yes that’s the only generic I found.

@Kenneth_Tan ah, I see. Yes I completely misunderstood the comment :scream:
Must admit, I haven’t seen them and haven’t looked for them. It would be useful to have a source of these though :+1:

Yes, as I recharge 2x a day, i would like one in my studio and on my nightstand.
And a spare one for good measure.

I’m working on a stand where I use a watch unique cradle that fits into a generic stand. Pogo-pins in the adapter-cradle and a microUSB connector in the stand. Pogo-pins are cheap as hell. Also bought some magnets for in the cradle. One design for multiple watches.