I'm curious about your opinions

I’m making a new movie on how to clone your phone to your watch. Feel free to leave your phone at home for just a few beers. You won’t miss a thing. I made an animation about how this app works. I wonder how understandable or where it should change.


Nice job! :ok_hand:

I’ll check it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. I forgot to write there … only 54sec

Thanks again @gyuri
I will check it out as soon as possible :+1::handshake:

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@gyuri It looked easy enough to follow to me mate :+1: :+1: I would imagine that it would be extremely useful to people who use their mobiles all day (aka everyone except me now days! :woozy_face: :crazy_face:) Cheers, “Give me a good old land line any day”, doons

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