I'm beginner to all this...I have a Zeblaze Thor 4 smartwatch..

I’m beginner to all this…I have a Zeblaze Thor 4 smartwatch… who’s fed up of world cup watch faces…would like to know how to download or update my Thor 4 with more relevant futuristic and interesting watch faces…?

You can download and install nearly all faces in this community. If you read our main community post, you’ll find a link to our YouTube channel. There’s also a video how to install watchfaces.

@Wayne_Robinson Hey, I’ve also got the Thor 4 and this is how I think installing will be the easiest. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the .zip file (probably from a google drive link) on your PC or phone.
  2. Extract the folder by right-clicking on it and open the extracted folder.
  3. Now download the files on your watch. This only works by selecting all the files, not the folder. To download them I am using Bluetooth. You could also use a direct connection with your usb-cable.
  4. When the files are downloaded, open the folder where they are shown. This folder will be called ‘Bluetooth’ when using Bluetooth and ‘Downloads’ when using a cable.
  5. Copy-paste the files to the folder called ‘clockskin’. Make sure u copy-paste only the right files.
  6. When you did all steps above correctly, the watch face will appear within the standards on your smartwatch after you reboot the watch.

When downloading more then 1 clockskin, make sure to put them in different folders within the folder ‘clockskin’.

For other questions about the download, please let me know!

@Alex_Paardekooper_Al Hmm, this will work, but It’s far away from the easiest way…

@G1NT0N1C So it seems but it takes like 3 minutes for me so if you think you got a faster way for the stock launcher, let me know!

@Alex_Paardekooper_Al connect your pc and the watch via USB. Choose “transfer data” in your watch. Drag and drop the unzipped folder in your clockskin folder. Done. 30sec.

@G1NT0N1C Okey thanks, got a faster way using a phone too? XD

Ok Alex…respect for that…I’ll give it a shot…

Lol Where can I start downloading from…any pointers

In this community you can search for keywords. So if you would like to have Rolex watchface, you just type ‘rolex’ and get all the posts wich will be mostly created watchfaces. Just click the google drive link and download!

Good pointer…:sunglasses:

Just FYI - the latest version of Wiiwatch2 app has built in file transfer from phone to watch. Also has remote keyboard text entry now.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 yes P…bad man…:sunglasses: