I'm back. What's new?

Hi guys (and gals). Just saying hi to you all and announcing that I’m back. I have a lot of reading to do, a lot of catch up, and very little time :(. So, I’m returning slowly. I will release new WFD versions, but right now I’ll have to get “reacquainted” with it again, so development will be slow.

So, what did I miss during this year? :slight_smile:


And a big hi from us . Welcome back mate :+1::+1::+1: . Too much to mention :wink:


Great to see you again. A warm-hearted welcome!

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Hi Marco, Welcome back mate. :+1:Well the Forum has gained quite a few new members, many of whom have provided us with some very imaginative face designs…but as you said, you’ll come across those as you “reacquaint” yourself with the posts.:face_with_monocle: I suppose the really big news is that both @Dr_Andy_Vishnu & @G1NT0N1C have managed to become…and many would have thought this impossible :astonished:…even bigger nuisances than there were before. But we have learned that the best approach to this problem is to just smile at them tolerantly and sooner or later they lose interest and go off and play somewhere else. :surfing_man::biking_woman: If you have too much trouble with their shenanigans, just give me a yell & I’ll have a word with the pair of them :angry:…they look upon me as something of a “Father” figure!:crazy_face::woozy_face::rofl: Cheers, Doons


Here we go …:joy:


Welcome back Marco !!
So much happened and in the same time nothing really new… :rofl:
We’re still waiting for some triangular watch… :slight_smile:


The only thing exciting happened in the lounge. We still can’t find Gin’s pipe.