Ikepod Hemipode

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Very very nice one I like it :+1:

Perfect, sadly the calendar dial does not work so I removed the markings. Hope you don’t mind.

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That’s strange it works on my prime…

I wonder if it is either because it’s droid 10 or because I use stock launcher.

Either way. It looks incredible on the watch. Thank you again.

Yes, you do need the UL. If I may ask, why don’t you use the UL?

Hi @Simon_Jaffé-Noble , I like the way you always upload a picture of a face you have downloaded on your watch. :+1: :+1: It gives people (Well this people anyway! :crazy_face:) a much better idea of what it actually looks like on a watch. Cheers, Doons


Erm, I don’t really know.

I guess you download it and have it as default launcher. I just have a hectic life and not got round to it yet.

I will get it the weekend after this, as I am away on Manchester UK Friday to Monday

Yeah but notice in most there is a glass of whiskey in the background. :grin:


Fair enough Simon! The next time I take a gander at one of your pics I’ll have a hefty slug before I do to see if it helps with the perspective in any way! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers…“Make mine neat”…Doons

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Nice one @doubledad

are you hinting that we should send you to rehab? :tropical_drink: :crazy_face: :rofl: or maybe Doons can find you a place in the lounge. the more people that can take turns listening to @Gazman’s puns, the better :laughing:


Well you can feel proud of yourself noidremained! :+1: In just one paragraph in a post you have managed to send one member to a drunk tank and encourage @Gazman to start punning again…just when we almost had him under control! :woozy_face: And of course you already know that there is no place in the loung for drunks and bad joke makers…those tasks are already quite adequately filled by @G1NT0N1C and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu respectively! :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons


yes of course @Doonsbury … now where’s my book? Oh no, I may have left it in Punjab! :rofl:


very nice, thanks…

Thank you!

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