If someone has a new "revised" backplate for the KW88.

If someone has a new “revised” backplate for the KW88. Can you please make a picture of both sides for me. If it’s not too much trouble also with the sim door removed.
I’d like to compare what’s different with both backplates.
Currently I’m working on a hardware fix and I need to know if there are some differences.

Don’t know how I can tell its "revised"but my kw88 is brandnew and came with the newest firmware so here are my backplate sides

forgot to remove the door …already on my wrist ;-(
Need it ? then I’ll take another one later on

I’ve contacted Zoe, for a new backplate.
As I tried to compare yours with mine (couch) I noticed that two corner holes are cracked in two.

Comparing I couldn’t see any differences. Maybe if yours is newer they altered the thickness of material type. Or changed the Sim door so it closes better.

One thing I seem to notice is that yours has a black sim-door screw. If so, remove it and check if there’s a rubber O-ring under the screw.

Here there is a square rubber in place,doesn’t do much as it seems to barely touch the sim “door”( maybe just enough)

No rubber ring on the screw or anywhere else

Thank you @Martin_Nijhuis for going the extra mile.
The only thing I can see different is the black screw. mine is like the other 4.

I’m going to try a mod where I seal thw sim door with epoxy. If it works the door is watersealed and you’ll be able to look into the watch/sim.
How often do you replace the sim anyways.

Hi @Kenneth_Tan ​, just an information regarding cracked backplate.

I also have the same crack on my back cover. But this crack seems splashproof.

The fact is, I just have an accident with kw88 last week. It got dropped to a water sink. After turning it off for a day and dried it, the next morning it turns on well.

I guess I got lucky enough.

Here is the picture of my cracked back cover, @Kenneth_Tan ​. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3jPTy4klmDdNlhVTDR6T3d1aHM/view?usp=drivesdk

@akhmad_kai ​ yes these are the exact same cracks. And I really take care on how tight I fasten screws.

I joined the cracked back club also
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Paul_Levy ​ you have a silver standard screw in the sim door

@tim_Collins I’ve just checked the partslist for the KW88 and the sim-door and the backplate are two different items to order (how could you know). They are indeed separate items. I can’t see any screws on that list. I’ll ask Zoe on Wednesday what the deal about the screws is. Also I’ll ask the what differences there are in the revised backplate.
I’m in the process of setting up a store/stock for parts for this and other watches, so parts can be ordered or repaired by me here in Europe. Going to ask for the opinion of people here Wednesday what they think of me doing such a thing. I now have access to all parts of the KW88 and am in the process of training how to completely disassemble the watch to replace individual parts. That includes every part of the watch. You can’t see any difference in the sim-door? Thicker O-ring? Other plastic material?