If anyone else was interested in the difference between 360x360 pixels vs 400x400.

If anyone else was interested in the difference between 360x360 pixels vs 400x400. Or at least how the default displays are set up with the small font size

What is the watch on the right?

Even more revealing are the deep blacks of the Amoled display of the KW88

KW88 on the right. The Lem3 isn’t at the best angle but the KW88 screen is quite nice.

U have both? Which one u like most or do u think is better?
I was having a little bit indecision between both but i bought zeblaze(the left one) cause it seemed very similiar and it was in stock, while the kw88 was in pre-sale

Kw88 has always been on sale. it’s just BG and GB had them on pre-sale.
AE was selling them all the time.

I don’t think there is any difference other than the KW88 has a larger sapphire glass screen with more pixels and the Blitz is more water resistant. At this point in time, I also prefer the Lem3 faces but I am not sure which are shipped with the Blitz. I bought the Lem3 on presale and the Kw88 from Zoe at Kingwear which I know a few others have done also.

Nice, i’m still waiting for mine :c
Thanks for the answer

Which one has better battery life? Thanks

I havent measured but I would assume the two are quite close if not the same. Basically same hardware and software. It is also very dependent on how you use it, Sim card, WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS, and background data. With these small antennas, I need to pay more attention to moving out of WiFi or Bluetooth range otherwise the battery will drain very quickly.

@Paul_Levy Wouldn’t the different screen technology (LCD vs. OLED) make a difference in the battery life? Does either of them offer ambient display and if so, can it last a full day?


@Zoide ​ Sure I’d agree if you wanted to measure a screen on comparison. Over a day, the screen time may not be significant compared to the data services. You can also say more pixels requires more power. Neither offers an ambient display although I would love a black and white one on the oled. Yes, as I mentioned, depending on what data and network services are active, the battery will last a day. I think someone else mentioned that these watches can go into deep sleep using very little battery. I use mine mainly on the sim without background data so others can comment on the Bluetooth tethering. With the firmware updates coming every few weeks, I assume the manufacturers will move on from just getting it to work to getting it to work better in the near future.