Ideas for biosensor in new smartwatch

Hi to all, Guys,if i can, i would like to suggest to Kospet and others producers to consider making a smartwatch(not much expensive) with biosensors for body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, ecg.
this is because after covid 19, which is now, these devices will be in great demand and useful for IOMT (Internet of Medical Things) and telemedicine, a market that will be around 60 billion euros in the next 5-10 years.
this is already the present.
As always,sorry for my english.

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Look at the Kronus Spovan Blade. I have one and it does all you asked for and more. It has about a 7 day battery life and an excellent support app. Mr Ticks did a review of a prototype of the Blade.

Kronus Blade


How can it have 7 days of battery life with only 730 mAh battery?

The Spovan Blade actually has a 150 mAh battery
But it’s not a full android watch so it could last for a week

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right, but the genesis is a full android watch, so it consumes a lot.
now I get it, he wasn’t referring to the genesis