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I’ve been part of the FAW family for a couple years now and I’ve owned three stand alone watches during this time. Starting with the Lokmat X360 (before they were on board with FAW), then the Prime 2 and lastly, the OP2. During this time I have seen this icon/notification pop-up multiple times but I can’t figure out what it means. I’ve checked my messages, my emails, my DM’s in Instagram and Facebook messenger to no avail.

I guess that icon popping out of nowhere is just a misstouch. Stock launcher is incredible sensitive if you touch the upper part of your watch and usually brings you the Notification center (Which is what you are showing in your picture) and that’s the stock icon that represents it, nothing else.


@Cigarcia This is usually where messages appear with a swipe to the right from the watch face.
A text message for example (the icon is the SMS icon)
It can appear as @Noispirit says due to a miss - touch on the left hand side of the screen or it can appear when there is a notification, but the watch cannot display it for some reason.

I think it is mostly due to the way the status bar in Android OS is needed but in the round screen it is not really implemented as intended.
Especially for system notifications etc…

I still use this for my notifications.
It’s highly customisable and I don’t miss anything that the launcher can’t display properly.


Thanks Pablo!

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