I7 Smartwatch listed on BangGood

Found this on BangGood’s web site. Bakeey I7, 1.39" screen, carbon fiber body, I67 waterproof, (no swimming.) Android 7, 1 GB, 16 GB memory, 600mah battery. Looks like same Android 7 options as Lem 7 and Thor 4. I think the style may have to grow on me a while but keeping an eye on this one.

Update: Also listed on Ali-Express but pre-oder price on BangGood $20 less.

nice one Captjon, carbon fiber,600Mah ,new MTK SOC,A7, live waterproof Ip67,nothing about of bluetooth calling, just calling notification and why not the ring bezel on steel or ceramic.

leafar IQI actually does good quality watches i think this one will make choices even more difficult to choose from.

Sonia this watch is made for IQI,thats good, i was wandering,thanks i think this is my next one,but i will wait for the review.thanks