I4 Air?

I found this

and it looks like a THOR, but the battery is 400 mAh!? The THOR has 350mAh. Maybe a typo?
Anyone knows more? The 350 of the THOR is too little, even the 450 of my x5+ is not enough.

Aug 17, 2017 11:37:01 GMT 1 chromax said:

it sounds that they fixed the issue with the i4 pro which suppose to be 2gb ram and turned out that is not, so....i4 air, ho...well:)

Ok, so maybe its just marketing-mumbo-jumbo

Aug 18, 2017 11:16:07 GMT 1 chromax said:
Ok, so maybe its just marketing-mumbo-jumbo

not until we know more about this watch it might have different SW (doubt but maybe..) still 2gb is always better, no?  
Aug 18, 2017 11:16:07 GMT 1 chromax said:
Ok, so maybe its just marketing-mumbo-jumbo

i go with the marketing mumbo jumbo line, i've tried to contact IQI directly and asked, no response, in fact all their websites seem 'dead'

from what I can understand there is no real problem with just swapping batteries with different (higher) capacities measured by their mAh, its the voltage you have to be concerned about, so its not beyond the realms of possibility that a manufacturer (retailer?) could just decide to put in a higher capacity for the volume they are selling, but somehow I doubt it

it seems to me many of these brands are just 2nd tier retailers, i.e. the ones between the manufacturer and say gearbest, banggood et al,

does anybody know who the OEM’s actually are?

from what I can see kingwear and maybe finow might be OEM’s, at least in the sense they are responsible for the original design, anybody any other knowledge around this? (sorry if this topic exists elsewhere, and if so can somebody point me at it)

Hard to say, but this review is not soooo bad.

I really want a camera.