i would like to give  credit to all the guys on here and xda

i would like to give credit to all the guys on here and xda for all the parts i used to make this clock skin and for clockskin maker . https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5M0dkc5VSGuX2lNT0pNT2E3UUU/view?usp=sharing


did i post this right this time . i new at posting on google +

Hey, don’t you think that some credits are due?

please dont take this the wrong way . but what do u mean credits?

The hands, the small dials for battery and for date, the time numbers, they all are taken from clockskin made by others (including me)

man im sorry for that . i didnt think about crediting you and the other persons for the parts i used . i just looked on here to see what faces you have on here and i use the ferraripaddockmod on my watch along with others nice design by the way .

Adaptation is a great tool for improvement. I think the structure is really cool. We have some wizards in this community. Let’s share as much as we can…